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Zagreb is home to Imenso, an amazing sushi restaurant founded by Imenso chef and owner, Antun Stjepović from Dubrovnik and Marta Pećnjak, PR and marketing manager, from Križevci. Using only the freshest ingredients and applying traditional recipes and modern techniques of preparation and serving, we've created an amazing menu that will delight even the most discerning foodie.

From the start, Imenso has been a smash hit among sushi lovers in Zagreb. Our goal is to make great sushi at an affordable price. There is only a delivery and pickup option at the moment but we strive to open our little restaurant so you can enjoy our fresh-made creations

Hosomaki sake, takeout sushi

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Start planning your next meeting, event or party with our comprehensive service. Call us now to discuss the details and we'll help you create a menu that suits your taste and your budget! 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Whatever the occasion, we have the skills and experience to give you great tasting food that's tailored just for your group!

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Sushi mix, sashimi, nigiri, salmon, sushi on ice